Trip to Laura beach and sad farewells

Vercina, Rico and Nurdana

Vercina, Rico and Nurdana in the back of George’s truck / Photo Jessie Boylan

Aidana drinking coconut juice

Aidana drinking coconut juice / Photo jessie Boylan

Vercina on the way back from Laura beach

Vercina on the way back from Laura beach / Photo Jessie Boylan

flooding in Majuro

Water over the road at Majuro airport / Photo Jessie Boylan

Despite serious flooding on Majuro overnight, the Marshallese students and some friends took us all out to beautiful Laura, at the very end of the atoll, for a picnic and swim. The trip out in George’s truck and his friend’s car, gave us a view of parts of Majuro we hadn’t seen. After stocking up on food & water, stereo & cooler we headed out.

The beach & view were amazing of course – clear blue water, white sand, shady benches and palm trees. Baur transformed from Kazakh to Pacific local. Jessie managed to take one photograph with the Toyo five by four camera despite the tide lapping at her tripod.

We had to leave earlier than anyone wanted to, in order to be back in time for the Japanese and Kazakh participants to get to their flight.

Heavy rain set in on the way back and at a number of places the road was partly closed with emergency crews at work and flooded houses either side. We heard that over 600 people had to be evacuated to schools and community halls. The trip to the airport was even more worrying, with waves  breaking over the road the tide still rising and rain pelting down. The fragile nature of this tiny strip of land was never more evident to us.

At the airport we said our good byes. Rico, Kana, Mariko, Aidana, Burdana and Baur were farewelled with gifts from Hertes. It was very sad to say good bye so soon to the Japanese and Kazakhs but it’s clear that all the participants will stay in touch online.