• Atomic pilgrimage

  • Arriving back in Australia I review the mass of documentation collected from my visit to Japan, and reflect on the people and places visited. Japan’s Hibakusha* stories are of high relevance to every citizen of the wo[...]
  • Peace Boat

  • Last night I attended a Peace Boat Reflection evening at their Tabadanobaba headquarters in Tokyo. As part of the evening, I was fortunate to hear the personal testimonies from three a-bomb survivors from Hiroshima. [...]
  • The Art of Peace, Nagasaki

  • Nagasaki is full of art, and it is no surprise that the prominent themes are peace and remembrance. The public art in Nagasaki ranges from community arts murals by young people to large-scale sculptures in the Nagasa[...]
  • Three states of mind

  • Visiting Hiroshima requires holding one's imaginings for the future, with the grim reality of the past, together with the real-time experiences that unfold in this beautiful and vibrant city. In the days following Hirosh[...]