• Hiroshima Day- Aug 6th

  • I was very pleased to be in Hiroshima today. The 6th of August 2014 is the 69th year anniversary of the devastating nuclear bomb attack on the city of Hiroshima. It was a privilege to be able to experience the day and th[...]
  • Algeria's atomic experience

  • In the lead up to Hiroshima Day, there are many fascinating people and events in the city. All issues ‘nuclear’, ‘anti-nuclear’ and ‘peace’ related are under examination through an eclectic international lens. On Tues[...]
  • Peace in Hiroshima- Aug 4th

  • For two weeks I have the privilege of visiting communities, atomic-related sites, peace activists and artists in Japan, to deepen my understanding of Japan’s Hibakusha* experience and contemporary peace building activiti[...]