Marshall Islands Workshop – Mick Broderick

from Mick Broderick, 28 Feb 2014

Workshop participants

Workshop participants. / Photo Mick Broderick

It was great to spend the afternoon watching the workshop attendees trying out their iPad-minis for the first time in the garden and waterfront of our hotel.

Vercina, from Rongelap took the reins for the first iPad recording. After a short briefing from Linda, she was outside videoing the first message of support from Junior from Enewetak.

Everyone then took turns recording messages of support with one of their peers and swapped roles when it was their turn to record the other.

Vercina decided to experiment with auto-recording and adopted a ‘selfie’ mode, using the front camera. Despite finding a great location she soon worked out that it was too tricky to hold the camera, then watch herself while recording, all the while trying to concentrate on what she was saying. Mick helped out and held the iPad mini for her session.


Vercina taking a selfie by the water/ Photo Mick Broderick

Vercina carefully chose a location but found it too bright to record a front-camera ‘selfie’ message.

We all reviewed the video files that afternoon and collectively selected the running order of the edit. Jessie cut the five-minute compilation. After the late arrival of our Kazakh friends — Aidana, Nurdana and mentor Bauer — Jessie found time to record a quick message of solidarity and added this to the final video before uploading to Vimeo.