Archive of Nuclear Harm

Here we showcase the curated on-line exhibition of one of our collaborating artists: N.A.J. Taylor, who is assembling archives of art works associated with atomic bomb testing.

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The Archive of Nuclear Harm collects and exhibits material on life and death in the nuclear age. Items in the collection explore the full range of harms — both human and ecological — that are inflicted by nuclear weapons, accidents and waste. Our mission is to create an accessible resource deep into the nuclear future. Since nuclear harms are conceived in timescales of up to one million years, this will be a memory institution like no other.

The Archive’s curator is N.A.J. Taylor (@najtaylor).

The Archive needs our help….

The Archive is turning to the community to raise $$ via crowdfunding to evolve its operations from an online-only resource into a mobile theatre for screening films and digital exhibitions, as well as hosting the occasional public lecture and workshop.

Your support is appreciated.

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The Archive of Nuclear Harm is part of the Alternative Pathways to WMD-free Worlds project series at The New School and the Nuclear Future Partnership Initiative.