Nuclear Futures Partnership Initiative

2014 promotional video – Look back and see where we started!

Nuclear Futures is a three-year program of arts activities, originating in Australia, and extending across six countries. It supports artists working with atomic survivor communities, to bear witness to the legacies of the atomic age through creative arts.

In Nuclear Futures, communities and artists use theatre, film, paintings and sculpture, literature, photography, digital arts and other art forms to make creative works that reflect both the horror of living with nuclear radiation, and the resilience of communities as they face the nuclear future. Click here for a snapshot of our projects.

Nuclear Futures is an initiative that creates new partnerships with other arts organizations, and with educational and cultural institutions, research facilities, campaign groups and atomic survivor and nuclear veterans communities – in Australia, Britain, Japan, Marshall Islands, Kazakhstan and India.

Coordination is by Alphaville, a Sydney-based company specializing in multi-platform creative arts that have social justice and environmental themes; and which originate and grow via community development processes.

We want to extend previous sharing of stories amongst nuclear survivors, with focus on the theme of community resilience – exploring how experience of the bomb translates into community development and international campaigns for peace and disarmament.